Shaped like one of the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the Noor brings the majesty and mystery of the first wonder of the ancient world into your home or workspace.  The Noor releases enchanting aromas from atop the pyramid while LED lights add mystique to the ambiance. Made of plastic in a zen and contemporary triangular shape, the Noor introduces enchantment, intrigue, and modern style to any room.

Zaq Noor

SKU: 0015

  • Noor Style: Shaped like one of the ancient pyramids of Egypt

    Average H2O Capacity: 80ml of water

    Mid-Size Diffuser: 5.9″ x 5.0″ in size

    Light Effect: Multi-color LED lights

    Room Coverage: 200-300 square feet

    Operating time: 4 hours

    Auto shut off: Yes

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