Mirage radiates the tranquility and hope of an lush oasis found in the middle of the barren desert at just the perfect moment. Designed with geometric symmetry and posh style, Mirage features a flat, rounded top to evenly diffuse luxurious aromas and inspire a calming environment of relaxation, relief, and healing. Sleek and modern, Mirage is a true vision of classic luxury.

Zaq Mirage

SKU: 0016

  • Mirage Style: Large surface area for maximum tranquility

    Average H2O Capacity: 150ml of water

    Mid-Size Diffuser: 8.0" x 4.3" in size

    Light Effect: Multi-color LED lights

    Room Coverage: 200-300 square feet

    Operating time: 8 hours

    Auto shut off: Yes

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