Every early morning brings a fresh, new day filled with opportunity. Like the dewdrops along the green grass in the early morning, Dew is filled with inspiration and good wishes for each day. The dewdrop-shaped diffuser releases refreshing aromas from its custom-designed top, creating a unique and trendy diffuser design. Sleek and compact, Dew brings the freshness, optimism, and inspiration of the early morning into your everyday life.

Zaq Dew

SKU: 0010

  • Dew Style: Contemporary, compact, and sleek

    Average H2O Capacity: 80ml of water

    Mid-Size Diffuser: 7.1″ x 4.2″ in size 

    Light Effect: Multi-color

    Room Coverage: 200-300 square feet

    Operating time: 4 hours

    Auto shut off: YES

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